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Jessie Wenning


Jessica Wenning has a lifetime of love for horses and grew up riding horses in Little Britches Rodeos.  Jessica's family owned a ranch in the Colorado mountains where their horses ran free.  She is proud to call Rustic Stables her home and horse stable.  The utmost attention and care is given to each and every horse and owner.

Sheila Buschette


Sheila has earned the USDF Trainer Certification and is currently the only trainer in Montana who holds that prestigious credential. Her extensive resume also includes EAGALA certified equine specialist, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine studies. Sheila is competitive in dressage thru 2nd level. Her ongoing studies include clinics with some of our nations top equestrians. Sheila has been teaching and training professionally for over 20 years with a lifetime of riding experiences.

Sheila doesn't rely on tricks or gimmicks but instead a variety of sound fundamental techniques that make the process enjoyable. She combines the principles of Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship to create harmony and lightness in both the rider and the horse. Many of her students have gone on to win numerous championships in Western Pleasure, Hunter under Saddle & Dressage. Whether a young rider with competitive aspirations or an adult pleasure rider, Sheila can take you to the next level.

Her continued success and enthusiasm for the sport has made her very popular in our area. For lessons and additional information, please contact Sheila at (406) 628-6696


Bella, Mercy, Rayah

Stable Hands

With 24 years combined equestrian experience, these three girls provide a well rounded care for every horse.  We are not afraid of hard work and give the utmost attention and care to your horses in their feedings and turnouts.  We strive to maintain a clean and comfortable stable for every horse.

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