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About Us

Who We Are

Rustic Stables strives to develop a long term relationship with every horse and owner, providing a unique environment where every horse is satisfied and happy. 

The facility includes a 60' x 130' indoor arena with a large heated tack room and heated viewing lounge. The arena is well lit and inviting to both horse and rider.

The outdoor arena measures 90' x 170' with quality sand footing and horse-safe fencing. We have 6 private paddocks with roomy 12' x 12' stalls, rubber mat floors and shavings. The stalls are connected to 12' x 48' runs to allow the horses room to move and be social.

The barn includes two large 10' x 20' stalls and shelter for corral horses. There is also a heated tack room and cross ties for tacking up and grooming.
The corral board has room for two compatible horses with large 12' x 12' shelters. All horses have shared heated automatic waterers.

To encourage healthy minds, we have three large pastures with irrigated grass for daily turnout. We turnout small numbers of compatible horses to promote good health and valuable social skills. The pastuers are fenced with horse-safe nylon and electric for a worry-free playground.

"Amazing horses don’t just happen."
Rustic Stables is lucky to have trainer, competitor and friend Sheila Buschette.
Sheila is a USDF Certified Trainer and EAGALA certified equine specialist. Her specialty in dressage and classical riding will improve any discipline.  Sheila's, experience, and enthusiasm for the sport have made her a top instructor in our area. Sheila motivates her students and the horses are schooled the right way, the classical way.

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