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Application for Boarding at Rustic Stables

Rustic Stables was founded in 2010 and partners with trainer Sheila Bushette. Several champions have called this their home and trained at this beautiful facility.  Rustic Stables is family run.  Rustic Stables offers our boarders privacy and exclusive access to both indoor and outdoor arenas.    In order to maintain this exclusivity, we don’t allow horses to be trailered in unless it's for the purpose of training with Sheila.  Since we board less than 15 horses, it creates an atmosphere where you will frequently find yourself in the facility all by yourself.  We don’t add a lot of additional fees to our board. Our fees are all inclusive and include grass hay, alfalfa, and grain distribution (owner provides grain), daily turn out when available, and one trailer storage.   We believe that your horse does best with their individual owner’s touch.  Because of this, we do not blanket or groom horses.  We are also not a licensed vet facility and therefore will not administer medicine.  Rustic is located at our home and you become part of our Rustic Family when you board here.  Please take the time to fill out a few questions so we can assure our boarding facility is the right fit for everyone.  

Thank you for taking the time to fill this application out.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to set up an appointment to visit our facility

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